Thursday, 28 May 2020

-The Rose Letters- May 28, 2020-

Having Sex With your “Ex

“Dating an ex is the equivalent of failing a test you already had the answers to.” —Kendrick Cole

Hey Realers:

I know it sucks for us having to stay home and on lockdown. But know a healing is on the way soon. And we will be free to roam…hang in there.
The other day, my friend informed that she is sleeping with her ex after a dramatic break-up. I thought mmmmmmm, the sex must be off the chain – I mean, damn good, for her to go back after “that” breakup!

You see, at one time, under no conditions would I sleep with an ex and certainly not be his friend. I mean I got friends, why would I want to continue a friendship with an ex? He is an ex for some reason, right?!

But now that I am wise, romantically experienced, mature, and got my emotions in check, a renewed relationship with someone from the past might prove more successful than before. My past relationships with an ex may have failed due to external circumstances, not due to the lack of love or incredible sex!

I am not entertaining the idea of jumping into a relationship with an ex, especially if there is too much work and he/she still demonstrates the same behavior that caused us to breakup in the first place. However, darlings if the sex with him was the best thing since sliced bread, I certainly may be open – yeah gurl!

Just remember Realers, remind yourself and this is an important fact – you broke up for a reason. Take in consideration “that” reason and your emotions too.

And as it has been said many times before, dust settles, not YOU!
Just sayin’

  •  Here are the take-a -ways and the link to read the details. (please read the article - a good one)

  v But while many will say that sleeping with an ex can be bad for you, it's not all dark and           gloomy territory.

  v  For some, sleeping with an ex can actually be a good and, in some cases, fulfilling thing.

In the meantime, Keep it Real!

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