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-The Rose Letters- Feb 28, 2020

-The Rose Letters-

Keep it Real!

 How to Deal With A Breakup and Heal Your Heart

 Happy “Love” Readers Love is Patient, But don’t keep it Waiting-Dr. Venus Nicolino

 Love love love.
We all want love, be in love, and give love. But damn, it's gotta hurt when your heart is broken. You just want the pain to go away. You call everybody that will listen to your story. Because you need to blame her/him, right? Of course, you got it going on so it cannot be you right? Righhhhhhhhhhhht! You eat or don’t eat; you drink more than you should; and you are quick to rebound with that woman/man to fulfill that sexual desire and ease that heartache. 

I remember listening to one of those “oh you done, done me wrong” songs years ago. And the singer said she knew when she was over her heartache when she woke up and did not need him to call her anymore.

Oh yeah been there and back, and been there again throughout the years. BUT done that and not going back again. Why? Because I know my heart cannot be broken even though in the moment it is hurting. You see, our purpose in our “love” life is evolve and grow in the relationship. That is what love is alllll about, evolving and growing.

So, the next time the relationship ends – do not look at it as failure but simply, that you two did not grow and evolve at a similar pace, in a similar direction, or with a similar vision.

We must let go of want we do not want so we can make ourselves available for what we DO want in our lives. To evolve and grow in love!!!

Here are the take-a-ways and the link to read the details:
  • Accept and let go
  • Feel all your feelings
  •  Reflect and learn the lessons that the relationship was there to teach you
  • Take time to be alone
  • Bless your ex 
The details reference link:

In the meantime, Keep it Real!

-BTMB Contributor-
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Friday, 31 January 2020

-The Rose Letters-

-The Rose Letters-

Happy New Year Readers! - A smile is the most attractive thing you can wear

The Year of the Rat for those who follow the Chinese zodiac signs
Trust your year is starting with excitement, curiosity, and courage. Hope you left “that” in 2019 and ready for newness, possibilities, opportunities, sharing, and love. Which is a good segue into my topic. 

I share a lot about romantic relationships but we must set boundaries for all relationships. Lovers, spouses, children, friends, parents, coworkers, and yes bosses too! Boundaries are hard, but necessary for healthy relationships. We must let folks know with diplomacy and tact what we want from the relationship and are willing to put up with and NOT! Sometimes we are so fearful of losing that man/woman or job that we allow people to walk over us and take us for granted. We eventually do speak up but then it can across as angry, ultimatums, or “you trying to change me”.

I find by letting a man know of my boundaries and expectations early during our first few conversations, it helps us to decide if we want to continue seeing each other. Of course, our feelings my change (yes, that has happened), as a result, our expectations and boundaries may change too. But we must continue to communicate our boundaries and be prepare if they bounce or you may leave because they/you aren’t feeling the relationship anymore.

When it comes to bosses and your job/career, it may not be easy, but it can be simple to state your expectations and ask them of theirs too. But with tact, tact, and more tact. If your boundaries and expectations are not being met, it may be time for you to look for another employment that values you!

Make sure you check-in with yourself, before you approach any conversations. Is it a boundary or are you trying to make the other person change? Remember that you can only control yourself!

Here are the take-a -ways and the link to read the details.

v  Don’t just react - You cannot choose your feelings, but you can choose how you react to those feelings.

v  Be positive in setting your boundaries - Approach the conversation to set a boundary or discussion with unconditional positive regard.

v  State your feeling or boundary simply - You are simply stating that this is what you need and want in the relationship.

v  Acknowledge that it isn’t up for negotiation - And that it is what you need from them.

In the meantime, Keep it Real!

-BTMB Contributor-
Toni Counts Rose

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

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