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Sunday, 28 June 2020

- The Rose Letters- June 28, 2020 -

Summertime-Summertime–Summertime in the City

Hello my Realers:

Summertime is here yes yes yes!. Be safe - we are still living in a serious pandemic.

Okay, I am going to finally address this topic. I had several Realers asking me what do I think of an open relationship? Would I participate in an open relationship?

First, let’s define an open relationship. An open relationship means you still have one primary partner, but both can have other sexual partners.

The question is and be honest with yourself, Are you thinking about having an open relationship with your partner? Because some folks think having an open relationship will save a failing relationship or marriage. That is not going to save your marriage, you know that, and I know that too. What is going to save your failing relationship is open and honest communication–therapy would help too.

Let’s be real Realers, if an open relationship is what you want, you gotta ask yourself certain questions, like “do I want sexual freedom or pulling away from the closeness from my current partner?” “Is there something missing?”

I mean, in all fairness, talk with your partner. Just maybe what you are missing is right in your bedroom or s/he is open to a little somethin’ somethin’ on the side too.

Now, what do I think of open relationships and do I think they work? I believe for an open relationship to work, there must be some foundations. You must be completely open and honest with your partner.  Open relationships are not about cheating and/or keeping tabs of how many people you got with. It is about being free to have other sexual experiences.

Do I think they would work, mmmmmmm not sure – don’t even know, but I am glad and happy as a lark that Realers are having conversations about this subject. The world is changing, and we are questioning if old ways are working. This is happening in all areas of our lives, why not our love and sex life?

I know, get to the point; would I participate in an open relationship?

No! And not because I am jealous. Jealousy is not my cup of tea and it's certainly not to put claim on someone else's sexuality because they do not own mine. The number #1 reason, I do not want to entertain the idea of an open relationship, is I do not want to deal with his jealousy or girlfriend’s drama when she may want more from him…just sayin’!

At the end of the day, you decide what relationship works for you. It is your body, your heart, and your mind. Remember Realers, the most important relationship is with you darlin’

Here are the take-a -ways and the link to read the details.

1.   Your relationship has to be solid.
2.   Both people must be completely honest with themselves
3.   Lay some ground rules.

In the meantime, Keep it Real!

BTMB Contributor
Toni Counts Rose
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Friday, 5 June 2020

D.C. Mayor Bowser has 'Black Lives Matter' painted on street leading to White House

D.C. Mayor Bowser 
Has 'Black Lives Matter' painted on street leading to White House

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Thursday, 28 May 2020

-The Rose Letters- May 28, 2020-

Having Sex With your “Ex

“Dating an ex is the equivalent of failing a test you already had the answers to.” —Kendrick Cole

Hey Realers:

I know it sucks for us having to stay home and on lockdown. But know a healing is on the way soon. And we will be free to roam…hang in there.
The other day, my friend informed that she is sleeping with her ex after a dramatic break-up. I thought mmmmmmm, the sex must be off the chain – I mean, damn good, for her to go back after “that” breakup!

You see, at one time, under no conditions would I sleep with an ex and certainly not be his friend. I mean I got friends, why would I want to continue a friendship with an ex? He is an ex for some reason, right?!

But now that I am wise, romantically experienced, mature, and got my emotions in check, a renewed relationship with someone from the past might prove more successful than before. My past relationships with an ex may have failed due to external circumstances, not due to the lack of love or incredible sex!

I am not entertaining the idea of jumping into a relationship with an ex, especially if there is too much work and he/she still demonstrates the same behavior that caused us to breakup in the first place. However, darlings if the sex with him was the best thing since sliced bread, I certainly may be open – yeah gurl!

Just remember Realers, remind yourself and this is an important fact – you broke up for a reason. Take in consideration “that” reason and your emotions too.

And as it has been said many times before, dust settles, not YOU!
Just sayin’

  •  Here are the take-a -ways and the link to read the details. (please read the article - a good one)

  v But while many will say that sleeping with an ex can be bad for you, it's not all dark and           gloomy territory.

  v  For some, sleeping with an ex can actually be a good and, in some cases, fulfilling thing.

In the meantime, Keep it Real!

BTMB Contributor
Toni Counts Rose
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Tuesday, 28 April 2020

-The Rose Letters- April 28, 2020

Keep it Real - Why Ghosting Sucks
How to Get Over It!

Hey Realers:

Thank you all for taking care of us and staying at home

Ghosting - the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.

Have you been ghosted before? Well I have and man it is heartbreaking! You just want the pain of NOT knowing why, to just go away immediately! If not? Soon and, forever right?

Ghosting is when someone you believe cares about, whether a friend or romantic lover, does the disappearing act without any explanation – no phone call, email, text, kiss my butt NOTHING!

Ghosting can make you feel disrespected, used, and disposable; and kicked to the curb without knowing why. Also, it can fuck with your mental state by making you feel weird, broken, damaged, or just not feeling worthy

Why do men ghost?

Not to deal with awkwardness, confrontation, vulnerability, disappointment, and embarrassment

In doing my research, I also reached out to several of my male Realers and asked why men ghost women. I must say, gotta love men!

J-was just killing time, didn’t like the sex anymore, too much drama

E-tired of her, never really liked her, didn’t want to argue or debate

C- she lied, something I didn’t like, didn’t like the sex. But felt I should have confronted it and man up

T-interest faded, what I expected was no longer there. But I should have told her!

E-tried to change me, didn’t like her anymore, became an inconvenience, too much trouble

K-just got tired of her ass

F-men not wanting to face responses of what they received from the woman; they do not want to deal with the responses, therefore, they go MIA

D-emotional fear of being conquered, feeling discontent, lacked the ability to verbalize. But don’t believe men actually go ghost without it affecting them consciously

How do you move forward?

Remember my Realers, it ain’t nothing about you or your worthiness. It is about that he does not have the courage to deal with the discomfort of yours or his emotions. When one of my boos ended our relationship, he had the decency to send me a good-bye email. I had to read through the lines that he wanted out, but I got it, loud and clear and did not have to wonder is it over or not…Bottomline Realers, we owe people the time of day to tell them we are outta here. Whether it be communicated via text, email, letter, pigeon, phone, something-just do not ghost them-you are much more mature than that right?

Realers, know that you are much more than that. The ghoster was not on your groove line and someone better is coming your way. Keep your heart open!

Here are the take-a -ways and the link to read the details.

Ø What can you do if you’ve been ghosted? you may also want to do a gut check

Ø What can you do instead of ghosting? speak your truth… easier said than done, I know! 

Realers I have a blog now

See the link below and you may reply to the email too.

scroll down: The Rose Letters

In the meantime, Keep it Real!

-BTMB Contributor-
Toni Counts Rose

Saturday, 28 March 2020

-The Rose Letters- March 28, 2020

Happy Springtime Readers!  Love is in the air!

“The happiness you feel is in direct proportion with the love you give.” ― Oprah

I know, you’re thinking, she gotta be kidding me with the COVID-19 virus? SERIOUSLY??!!

Yes seriously! Due to the coronavirus, folks are finding other ways to stay in touch. And that includes keeping those long-distance relationships on FIRE!

Because most of us are on ‘lockdown’, all of our relationships appear to be long-distance if you are not living with your honey or not married. 

I have had several long-distant relationships before” Miss Rona” and they were successful, but took lots of effort, consistency, and commitment. I found the most important long-distant relationship element was communicating daily. You must find time and ways to communicate daily. All the technology we have, there just isn’t no excuse to reach-out-and-touch your boo daily. Also, make sure you resolve all arguments within 24 hours. Do not leave anything to chance for the soul to go cold and wandering…Finally, please please watch your tone and deliverance of the message. Especially if you are talking on the phone and they cannot see you. Of course, you meant it a certain way, but it did not come out the way. So, check your bass and tone in your voice. 

Remember Readers, not all conversations are meant for texting due to lack of emotions. Call her/him, how hard is that? And when “Miss Rona” is over, get on the first thing smoking, plane, train, boat, bus, or car and go visit ya man/woman!

Here are the take-a -ways and the link to read the details.

v Communicate with each other daily

v Schedule as many visits as possible

v Enjoy free time and space

v Work arguments out Promptly

 Readers I have a blog now – Please see the link below or you may reply at the email.

In the meantime, Keep it Real!

-BTMB Contributor-
Toni Counts Rose

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