Monday, 15 April 2019

Backlash after Lil Nas X song Removed from Billboard country chart

Backlash after Lil Nas X song

Set against a cowboy-themed game, the music video for Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" uses language of the Wild Wild West with a hip hop spin. The genre-blending tune was a breakout hit five weeks ago when it debuted on three Billboard charts at the same time: the Hot 100, Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs and Hot Country Songs. But Billboard quietly removed the song from the country chart the following week, reports CBS News correspondent Jericka Duncan. It later issued a statement saying the song "does not embrace enough elements of today's country music to chart in its current version." Lil Nas X responded on "I started to think about it, I was like, you know, why? After like listening to other songs that's actually on that chart, it's like, wait a minute, something's not right, basically," Lil Nas X said. Rolling Stone reporter Elias Leight said it's traditionally been challenging for black artists to break through on the country charts. "It's often true that black performers are not really allowed to move between genres with the same ease that white performers are," Leight said.

Lil Nas X first uploaded "Old Town Road" to the music streaming service SoundCloud back in December. It took off when listeners posted short videos set to the track on the social media app, TikTok. "In several markets, radio programmers actually ripped the song off YouTube just so they would have something to play," Leight said. For one established country artist, the fact that "Old Town Road" was not embraced as a country song was heartbreaking. Billy Ray Cyrus tweeted: "I thought, it's honest, humble, and has an infectious hook, and a banjo. What the h--- more do ya need?" So he decided to collaborate with Lil Nas X on a remix.

"The song deserves to be on every chart," country music artist Jimmie Allen said. His debut single "Best Shot" was No. 1 for three weeks on country radio.
"I came into this genre as a new artist from a small town in Delaware and I'm a black guy. And I had strikes against me that people thought might stop me, but yet the country community helped welcome me in," Allen said. Billboard maintains its decision to take "Old Town Road" off the country chart had absolutely nothing to do with the race of the artist. "Either way it's a good song, it's catchy, and people are talking about it, and they're playing it. And at the end of the day, that's all that artists want. So Lil Nas, bro, [thumbs up]," Allen said. Billboard said it welcomes the buzz created by genre-blending songs like "Old Town Road," and it could revisit its decision to remove it from the Hot Country Songs chart. It said factors determining which chart a song lives on include musical composition, airplay, and how it's platformed on streaming services.

Sunday, 31 March 2019

Rapper Nipsey Hussle killed in South L.A. shooting

Nipsey Hussle killed in South L.A. shooting

Rapper Nipsey Hussle was killed Sunday afternoon, shot in broad daylight outside of his store in South Los Angeles, leaving two other people wounded, police said.

Hussle, known as much for his music as for his civic efforts in South L.A., was shot multiple times about 3:20 p.m. and rushed to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. He was 33.
Los Angeles police closed off the area at West Slauson Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard. Shortly before 7 p.m., officers were canvassing the area near The Marathon Store at 3420 W. Slauson Ave., searching for a suspect who police said had fled either on foot or in a vehicle.
A crowd of hundreds of mourners also gathered outside the store on Sunday evening, playing Hussle’s music as the sun set. Elsewhere, several of Hussle’s fellow rappers and other celebrities took to social media to share their shock and condolences. 
R.I.P. Nipsey Hussle BTMB sends Our Prays and condolences to your Family. 


Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Chris Brown Detained in Paris on Suspicion of rape

Hip-Hop Star Brown Detained 

Hip-Hop Singer Chris Brown has been detained in Paris on suspicion of rape, judicial sources confirmed to BTMB on Tuesday. Police sources told The Associated Press and Reuters that the singer was detained with two other people and remained in custody in Paris after a woman filed a rape complaint. 
One police official told the AP that the complaint was filed with police in the 17th arrondissement of northwest Paris. The official said one of the others detained was Brown's bodyguard. Brown was detained Monday and was still in custody Tuesday while police study the complaint. 

In addition to the allegation of aggravated rape, Brown is also facing possible charges for drug related offenses, BTMB' sources said.
The arrest was first reported by Closer magazine, which has said a 24-year-old woman claims she was raped at Brown's hotel suite on January 15. Brown has been spotted over the last week in Paris attending events around Paris Fashion Week.
Investigators have another two days to decide whether to let him go or file preliminary charges. Brown's publicists at Sony Music would not immediately comment. 
The Recording artist has a history of violence, including a felony conviction for the 2009 assault on his then-girlfriend, Rihanna, ahead of the Grammys. He completed his probation in that case in 2015.
Brown was arrested in July of 2018 after a concert in Florida on an outstanding warrant for felony battery.  The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office confirmed that he was booked on the charge and then released on $2,000 bond.
In 2016 he was arrested at his home north of Los Angeles for an alleged assault with a deadly weapon, after a woman -- later identified as former beauty queen Baylee Curran -- called 911 from outside the house requesting help. He was released on $250,000 bail. 
 Brown spent 2.5 months in custody, with U.S. marshals shuttling him between Los Angeles and the nation's capital for court hearings.
In another incident while in treatment, Brown was accused of throwing a brick at his mother's car following a counseling session. It came after Brown completed court-ordered anger management classes.
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