Friday, 20 July 2018

Pnb Rock Stole My Song Nowadays-(Marley Makarah)

Artist Marley Makarah

Pnb Rock Stole My Song  - Nowadays

Breathrew Music Blog Just chatted with Artist Marley Makarah regarding his resent YouTube Post. Talking about the Copyright infringement on his new Song Nowadays  that he released 4 Days ago.

Makarah stated that Pnb Rock Used the same Speeded up beat and changed some for the lyrics.

If Pnb Rock did this in any way  "your gig is up" and you need to take Down any Music that is not yours.

Underground Artist and Producers (Beat Makers) are telling us more and more that the Industry is sealing their Music and Style. What happen to Artists having Originality? Seem like this is happening more often; Original Artist of their Music need to call out these perpetrators or start taking Legal Action against them. 

If you are an Underground Artist or Producer (Beat Maker) and this may have happened to you; BTMB would like to hear from you.

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