Friday, 22 December 2017

Look out 2018 This Unique Stylist Bunn'I is Changing the Game!

Stylist Bunn'I

Adrian Crear Jr. formerly known as Bunn’I, is an African-American stylist, model and designer from Gautier, Mississippi. Bunn’I first started making his own clothes when he was a teenager out of his grandmother’s house. Since then, he has developed his line that includes unique attire, fashionable appeal, and creative pieces.

In 2015, Bunn’I put on his very first fashion show before relocating to Atlanta, GA, where he works to develop his product line. Since relocating to Atlanta, GA, Bunn’I has styled music artist, worked on many film sets, and worked as a background extra. His goal is to open his own boutique while expanding his business as well as his product line.
Bunn’I has worked towards this by becoming a leader and creator of “Better Life” an organization that focuses on community development and empowerment for the homeless. With acts of humility Bunn’I will not only succeed in his endeavors, but bridge the gap between social stigmas and social responsibility. 

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