Saturday, 10 June 2017

XXXTentacion gets Xed Out

Up and coming South Florida rapper XXXTentacion got quite the surprise on Wednesday night while performing in San Diego. Not a good surprise as one would think. As he was on stage performing barefooted (Why he was barefooted you ask. I have no answers) a random person runs on stage, head first and body slams him. The South Florida rapper was hit so hard that he was instantly knocked out. All you could see was his toes in the air. And, all you could wonder is what he was dreaming about and were there stars floating around his head.

Here is a link of the rapper getting knocked the F**k out:

XXXTentacion refused to cancel his Thursday night show in Santa Ana due to the accident. He said that he invited all enemies to come to the show. He even invited them to try attacking him again. Which, you ya ask me is beyond stupid. The good thing is that the South Florida rapper could laugh about it and was the bigger person by saying that he would not retaliate. The South Florida also went on to say in a video he released after the attack that it was a setup.

Here’s a link of the rapper responding to what happen after waking up:

If you didn’t know XXXTentacion has had beef with fellow mainstream rapper Drake. The beef has been about Drake stealing his style which is crazy since Drake has been around longer and has a larger following. So, maybe some of the questions we should be asking are: Did Drake have something to do with it? But, if I was Drake I wouldn’t even acknowledge his presence being that he isn’t in my league.


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