Friday, 30 June 2017

Good Times with Rome

There’s a funny man that has been on the block for quite some time now whose name is Rome. Rome is 38 years of age from Brooklyn, New York. He has been making y’all laugh for over 15 years in the making. He started in New York and hit the stage for the first in the Military. Who knew that cracking jokes in the platoon will take you to the limelight.
Rome moved on doing film and television work like commercials and what have you. Having an open mind and nothing on his plate besides the Military that made him realize that he wanted to take the comedy route. All his comedy that makes you laugh comes from real life experience. To Rome that is where the true funny lies. Rome takes things he has gone through mixes it with his though and if you take his personality you get the funny man himself.
The biggest comedy influence on Rome is the ole so hysterical Chris Tucker. Rome enjoys Chris’ style and personality, as do we all. Dave Chappelle also came up in the interview as an influence. Kevin Hart in the opinion of Rome and all news outlets is the most successful in the comedy industry today. No one can compare to Rome’s love of Chris Tucker or mine.
Most importantly, Rome knows that he doesn’t sound like anyone else. Which is how one should think and believe. He says that when you start off you try to sound like someone else because you want to fit in. He admits that he tried it, but quickly came to his senses that…it wasn’t the way. It was not who he was nor who he wanted to be.
Who Rome is as an individual is what makes his comedy unique. There is truly no one like him. The way he brings it to the stage and makes everyone in the audience like as one. You step in the room and you feel welcome with Rome. His incredible personality that lights up a room even when he’s calling you out, makes you want more and never want to leave.
If you are having a bad day or a terrible week he will turn it all around. From the beginning to the end of every show there is never a dull or dry moment. He likes to go the opposite direction in his mind because just like everybody he sees things differently. As an audience member or someone in the crowd Rome hopes you get from his show that life should never be taken too seriously. With the tough times in life and throughout personal issues if you don’t take anything else with you take that you should allow yourself to laugh at it.
Rome has had to endure family issues, financial issues, and getting himself out there in life which all made the road a bit bumpier. He says that comedy is a very sensitive thing, which he is right about. He came to say that as a comedic you must believe in yourself and know what you have is funny. Rome thinks that you never get the love and support that you truly deserve which is what you battle with repeatedly, no matter how big your name is. At times, you feel rejected which is what you’ll deal with emotionally because sometimes what you say doesn’t get received correctly.
Stick with it even if you feel you are not worthy. Be persistent and consistent because everything has a time and a season. Look over rejection because it is being heard and well received. Being heard and getting booked for shows is a difficult endure Rome faces in the comedy industry. There is more to being funny.

If he could collaborate with Dave Chappelle and of course, Chris Tucker he would. That should even help him move his work to the top. He feels they are in tune with what he likes and his style. Rome is most proud of the longevity, Good Times, his standup comedy show. It has been going on for 2 years now. He is also most proud that he got a chance to tour internationally, The European Tour to be exact. In all that, he is most proud of his career and the shows he has done as well.
Rome is still here in the comedy business and clearly, he is not going anywhere. So, watch out now! Rome has audios for your pleasure being worked on as of now. So, be patient…good things come to those who wait. Check him out on Instagram at: romeskingdom, but prepare yourself for as he is getting ready to drop a thread of videos that will knock your socks off. You can see him every Tuesday at the Good Times Comedy Show around 8 o’clock pm at the Rumi CafĂ© Studio at 13368 Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, California.
Things are unfolding, so get on board and enjoy the ride because Rome is taking over!
Watch out Kevin Hart!



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