Thursday, 8 June 2017

Athletes Gone Rogue

We’ve all had those bad days. Okay, not as bad running off the road, but close. Well it seems that athletes have been having a lot of bad days. Mainly, from driving under the influence. Whether that be driving high on prescription pills or just having one to many drinks. We’re seeing that athletes are learning the hard way that brighter days are a thing of the past when you are worth millions. They seem to get crazy and out of control when the only thing on their mind is money, cars, and females. I guess what they say is true: ‘’Mo money Mo problems’’.

Tiger Woods is one amongst the troubled athletes who have been caught red handed. Recently, police found Tiger Woods asleep behind the wheel of his car in Jupiter, Florida. Woods had taken numerous painkillers earlier that day. Later, he was found with the car running while asleep. He even failed the basic roadside sobriety test. His speech was slurred also which didn’t help his case either. If ya ask me Woods had a headache earlier from all the white women chasing after him with a golf club, so he took some pain pills to kick the pain.

Derek Fisher is the other athlete who has flipped out. Not just because he almost flipped his car. Fisher ran his 2015 Cadillac Escalade into a rail on the 101 freeway here in Los Angeles. He was arrested on suspicion of DUI. On the passenger side was his girlfriend former star of VH1 reality show Basketball Wives star Gloria Govan who used to be married to Matt Barnes. Looks like she loves those dollar signs. Fisher and Govan walked away both unharmed. Fisher told TMZ that he was moving away from the accident. He also said ‘’The most important part is that we're here and that no one else was injured. So, from here, just focusing on the positives." Of course, he would say that and is walking away from it. What other choice does he have? To me he probably ran off the road because his messy girlfriend was starting some drama. Being that she is a reality star especially from Basketball Wives.


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