Monday, 7 May 2018

BreakThrew Music Summer Fest for June 2018!!

Press Release:

BreakThrew Music Summer Fest for June 2018 is One of the Hottest New Artist Performing Shows for Hot New Talent. Come out and Enjoy the Evening with 7 of T.I.E.’s Artists & Other Artists Performing at The Summer Fest!!!

Confirmed Artist’s

Evann Lewis - Jimmie Hambrick - Young Keiko - Paris & Lincoln –

- Mahir Nebeu - Paris Reneau - CC - Prince Alonzo - True –

- TG Finessin – Young Lit Hippy - Dre Rose -

With LA’s Banging DJ - Mass Appeal

Date: June 16, 2018
Time: 8:00pm to 11:30pm
Location: 13133 Saticoy St North Hollywood, CA 91
Cost: $15.00 in advance & $20.00 at the Door

Buy Your Tickets @

****Evening Attire Will Be All White****

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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Victoria Monet Gets Personal with Life After Love, Pt. 1

Victoria Monet

She expresses the side effects of a love lost in her latest EP Life After Love Pt 1.  Released last February, the EP may be Victoria’s most personal and honest project to date. After breaking up with her boyfriend of six years, she went in the studio and allowed herself to articulate all of her various emotions in song form. The direct result was a vulnerable album that courageously tells that story of a woman who has been heart by love.

In the Intro, Victoria Monet tells her love story over an airy melodic track. With a background in poetry, Victoria uses spoken word as a way to convey her message. She describes the initial feeling of falling in love, experiencing heartbreak and finding love from within.

“I realized that after all, there is life after love.”

The beginning monologue sets the tone for the rest of the album. It is clear that the audience is getting ready to enter the world of Victoria which includes all of her private thoughts, sex life, fears and insecurities.

The next track gets right to the point. Wish I Never Met You is a fiery hip hop and rock infused track that shows Victoria in regret. The song finds her reflecting on all of the things in the relationship that she mistakenly overlooked at that time. She now realizes that all of those moments were actual signs that the relationship was not going to work out.

“Broken windows, broken glass. Memories of the fights we had. We should be in jail for that.”

She is angry but she is more importantly finding her self-awareness and building the strength to move on.

The single Freak sounds like an upbeat sexy record but in reality, Victoria is comparing herself to all of the girls that her boyfriend cheated on her with. She wonders what the other girls had that she does not have. Whatever she is lacking in, she promises that she can fix it.

“Do you want a freak? ‘Cause that’s what I’ma be.”

The age old question of, “am I good enough for you” comes into play. The track itself contains heavy 808 and a catchy hook. It is very easy to sing along to.

One of the most emotional songs on the EP is a track entitled No Good.

No Good speaks of the tug a war that many experience in relationships. It’s that make up and break up merry go round that in this case, becomes very toxic. Victoria tries her best to leave the situation but her ex continues to say and do the right things to keep her coming back.

“You’ll say any and everything so you can keep me in your space tonight”

One of the highlights of the EP is the song Ten New Friends. It is a very sexy and stimulating record about sexually pleasing one’s self. After the break up, Victoria tries to prove to her ex that he is no longer needed to fulfill her needs. She has ten fingers that can get the job done just fine.

Victoria Monet’s Life After Love, Pt. 1 is available everywhere on all digital music outlets.

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Mahir Nebeu Hit New-Single - “Kiss Me In The Ocean”

Mahir Nebeu New-Single

“Kiss Me In The Ocean”

New Modern-day R&B/Alternative-Soul sensation Mahir Nebeu is Out with a smooth new groove that courageously explores the depths of emotions & relationships while providing entertainment for the ears.  Built solidly on personal insight and relatable lyricism – Singer/Songwriter Mahir Nebeu new-single “Kiss Me In The Ocean” audibly makes your mind move through the words every bit as much as the sweet rhythm & beat move the body & soul.

Released officially February 14, 2018 just in time for Valentine’s Day – “Kiss Me In The Ocean” highlights the parallel that exists between the intensity and feelings of liking anything too much & how strong of a grip situations like this can have on our lives.  Written from the ground-up – Mahir Nebeu drew inspiration from the texture, tones and vibe in the music to create lyrics that cut right to the core of what drives our interactions & relationships and genuinely reflect the powerfully emotional and stunning atmosphere of the music on “Kiss Me In The Ocean.”

A soulful & passionate approach to his vocals – listeners truly feel each word of “Kiss Me In The Ocean” resonate within them, expressing out-loud what many people can relate to and have experienced themselves.  Mahir Nebeu sincerity and authentic style combine perfectly throughout the transitions & flow of the new-single, resulting in an unforgettable moment in music that speaks directly & honestly, straight to the heart.  The amount of focus, thought and care put into “Kiss Me In The Ocean” completely reveal the versatile and dynamic abilities of Mahir Nebeu and highlights 100% of the talent, passion & skill he has in his writing, performance and professionalism to take his career to the next-level.

Officially Released February 14, 2018
- Just in time for Valentine’s Day –

Mahir Nebeu - “Kiss Me In The Ocean”

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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Brand-New Single from Hot New Artist Paris Reneau “BAD”

Brand-New Single from Hot New Artist Paris Reneau


Officially Being Released on February 8!

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With a beat so hot it’ll extend your New Year’s Party – Paris Reneau is back with an incredible new single called “BAD” Featuring Rappers Lord Dawson & Young Keiko that’s destined to find out just how loud you can pump a song through your stereo.  The New Urban Hip-Hop Artist is at the top of his game on “BAD” and confidently leading the way to a better tomorrow for us all through a gripping tale that details the grittiest aspects of a career musician’s life all the way up to its most wild successes, all based upon raw & real personal experience.

With a massively uplifting vibe and the insightful rhymes of a dedicated wordsmith, Paris stakes his claim in the game with genuine authenticity, pure passion and a widely accessible message & sound on “BAD” that’s bound to seriously connect and resonate strongly with listeners worldwide.  The undeniable entertainment & bold sincerity of Paris life-story digs deep; from family & friends both present and lost along the way, to the epic Music journey he’s taking to become the man he is today – “BAD” sheds a stunning & vibrant light on the Talent behind the Music.

Officially released on February 8, 2018 – be ready for “BAD” with Paris Reneau.

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