Friday, 31 January 2020

-The Rose Letters-

-The Rose Letters-

Happy New Year Readers! - A smile is the most attractive thing you can wear

The Year of the Rat for those who follow the Chinese zodiac signs
Trust your year is starting with excitement, curiosity, and courage. Hope you left “that” in 2019 and ready for newness, possibilities, opportunities, sharing, and love. Which is a good segue into my topic. 

I share a lot about romantic relationships but we must set boundaries for all relationships. Lovers, spouses, children, friends, parents, coworkers, and yes bosses too! Boundaries are hard, but necessary for healthy relationships. We must let folks know with diplomacy and tact what we want from the relationship and are willing to put up with and NOT! Sometimes we are so fearful of losing that man/woman or job that we allow people to walk over us and take us for granted. We eventually do speak up but then it can across as angry, ultimatums, or “you trying to change me”.

I find by letting a man know of my boundaries and expectations early during our first few conversations, it helps us to decide if we want to continue seeing each other. Of course, our feelings my change (yes, that has happened), as a result, our expectations and boundaries may change too. But we must continue to communicate our boundaries and be prepare if they bounce or you may leave because they/you aren’t feeling the relationship anymore.

When it comes to bosses and your job/career, it may not be easy, but it can be simple to state your expectations and ask them of theirs too. But with tact, tact, and more tact. If your boundaries and expectations are not being met, it may be time for you to look for another employment that values you!

Make sure you check-in with yourself, before you approach any conversations. Is it a boundary or are you trying to make the other person change? Remember that you can only control yourself!

Here are the take-a -ways and the link to read the details.

v  Don’t just react - You cannot choose your feelings, but you can choose how you react to those feelings.

v  Be positive in setting your boundaries - Approach the conversation to set a boundary or discussion with unconditional positive regard.

v  State your feeling or boundary simply - You are simply stating that this is what you need and want in the relationship.

v  Acknowledge that it isn’t up for negotiation - And that it is what you need from them.

In the meantime, Keep it Real!

-BTMB Contributor-
Toni Counts Rose

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

FreqWEncy New Video For Single ** Told You So**

New Release Video for New Single 

Check Out Our New Video!!!

Friday, 13 September 2019

Hot New Indie Sensation FreQwency Set to Blow-Up the Industry!!!

From defying all odds, singing covers of amazing songs to becoming a rising Indie sensation in the music industry. The breathtaking trio of Bam, Trell and Ju better known as FreQwency has won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans and music lovers across the world and they have become a household name for their effortless delivery of amazing vocal dexterity and notes that constantly melt the hearts of their listeners worldwide. 

The urban super sensation are well known for their drop dead performances that grabs attention in moments the audience cannot comprehend, giving them an euphoric feeling that keeps them asking for more. Complimenting with their amazing beauty, their sonorous voices perfectly blended with flexibility and quick transition of incredible notes that will leave you stunned every time they grab the microphone. 

Greatly influenced by Tank, Brandy, Destiny’s Child, Michael Jackson and many more, their vocal ability to perform has been continually far beyond reproach and you will always want to see the amazing group sing again and again. They put so much passion into their music and it’s clearly shown through every release.

According to FreQwency, they refer to their supporters and fans as “The Wave” and people love their music because it’s a dose of nostalgia and a dose of current radio, all hitting you at the same time. They are bringing unique voices with a vibe that has yet to be brought to the forefront and it’s authentic so people can really relate to the things they sing about. 

As a multi-faceted group, these super sexy singers and songwriters through the fusion of urban-pop have been making heads turn as they fill the gap that amazing groups like Destiny’s Child use to be.

Now with a large fan base of hundreds of thousands of followers, FreQwency now motivates young girls and young boys across the world to feel comfortable pursuing their dreams and striving to become the best version of themselves. Using social media as a veritable platform to reach out to their fans worldwide, they have made their different social media pages an engaging hub to know more about them. And if you really want to catch up on their inspiring moments, performances and new music, stay glued to their social media platforms and website.

FreQwency Facts:

Artist Name: Bam Griffin
Artist Stage Name: Bam
Artist Date of Birth: 9/23
Artist Place of Birth: Cleveland, Oh
Current City of Residence: Los Angeles, California
Artist Years Making Music: 15+
Music Influence: Influenced by all genres

Artist Name: Dontrell Markwae
Artist Stage Name: Trell
Artist Date of Birth :09/29
Artist Place of Birth: Saginaw, MI
Current City of Residence: Los Angeles, California
Artist Years Making Music: 12+
Music Influence: R&B/Soul/Gospel

Artist: Juan Wright
Artist Stage Name: Ju
Artist Date of Birth: 08/21
Artist Place of Birth Cleveland
Current City of Residence: Los Angeles, California
Artist Years Making Music: 15+
Music Influence: RNB, Jazz, Classical, Bounce, House, Hip-hop, much more

BreakThrew Music Blog: We Ae Saying - 'Go take a listen to this Hot New Music Group and you will become a Fan'.

Monday, 15 April 2019

Backlash after Lil Nas X song Removed from Billboard country chart

Backlash after Lil Nas X song

Set against a cowboy-themed game, the music video for Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" uses language of the Wild Wild West with a hip hop spin. The genre-blending tune was a breakout hit five weeks ago when it debuted on three Billboard charts at the same time: the Hot 100, Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs and Hot Country Songs. But Billboard quietly removed the song from the country chart the following week, reports CBS News correspondent Jericka Duncan. It later issued a statement saying the song "does not embrace enough elements of today's country music to chart in its current version." Lil Nas X responded on "I started to think about it, I was like, you know, why? After like listening to other songs that's actually on that chart, it's like, wait a minute, something's not right, basically," Lil Nas X said. Rolling Stone reporter Elias Leight said it's traditionally been challenging for black artists to break through on the country charts. "It's often true that black performers are not really allowed to move between genres with the same ease that white performers are," Leight said.

Lil Nas X first uploaded "Old Town Road" to the music streaming service SoundCloud back in December. It took off when listeners posted short videos set to the track on the social media app, TikTok. "In several markets, radio programmers actually ripped the song off YouTube just so they would have something to play," Leight said. For one established country artist, the fact that "Old Town Road" was not embraced as a country song was heartbreaking. Billy Ray Cyrus tweeted: "I thought, it's honest, humble, and has an infectious hook, and a banjo. What the h--- more do ya need?" So he decided to collaborate with Lil Nas X on a remix.

"The song deserves to be on every chart," country music artist Jimmie Allen said. His debut single "Best Shot" was No. 1 for three weeks on country radio.
"I came into this genre as a new artist from a small town in Delaware and I'm a black guy. And I had strikes against me that people thought might stop me, but yet the country community helped welcome me in," Allen said. Billboard maintains its decision to take "Old Town Road" off the country chart had absolutely nothing to do with the race of the artist. "Either way it's a good song, it's catchy, and people are talking about it, and they're playing it. And at the end of the day, that's all that artists want. So Lil Nas, bro, [thumbs up]," Allen said. Billboard said it welcomes the buzz created by genre-blending songs like "Old Town Road," and it could revisit its decision to remove it from the Hot Country Songs chart. It said factors determining which chart a song lives on include musical composition, airplay, and how it's platformed on streaming services.